Why You Should Apply For A Scholarship To #BoS2018

A little-known fact about the Business of Software Conference is that every year a group of people attend BoS for less than $20.

And you could be one of them this year.

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors and attendees, there are a number of 99% reduced tickets for #BoS2018 available now. These tickets are available to deserving members of the software community who, for whatever reason, wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend Business of Software Conference. A BoS Scholarship Ticket gets you access to the whole Conference. BoS Scholars are not singled out at the conference. You attend, just like everyone else – it’s a level playing field.

Read on to find out why you should apply.

1 – Your Software Isn’t A Business Yet

Starting out in the SaaS game is not easy. Maybe you’ve got an idea you’re trying to make into a reality, but however good you are at coding, turning your software into a business is proving difficult.

Don’t think you’re the first to have this problem. One of our key values for Networking at BoS Conference is that we help each other. Over the 3 days of #BoS2018 you’re bound to find multiple people who’ve faced that same challenge and are able to give you some sage advice.


2 – Your Startup Isn’t Making Enough Money Yet

Or maybe you’ve got the startup, but your struggling to get traction. The talks lined up at #BoS2018 would be perfect for someone in your position. Claire Suellentrop will help you perfect your product’s positionRahul Vohra will help you optimize for Product-Market Fit, Tania Katan will help you think creatively about your problems, and Shawn Anderson & Shane Corellian will help you come up with a marketing strategy that reflects your business to the right people.

The lessons you’ll learn from the speakers will put you in a position to pay for your own ticket next year!


3 – You’re Going It Alone & Need To Meet Your Peers

Running a solo business is tough, and can easily become lonely. At #BoS2018, you’ll be surrounded by 300 people doing the same thing as you – making software that improves other people’s lives. We talk a lot about the ‘Hallway Track’ at BoS because the networking times are an absolutely key part of the conference. It’s so rare to have unbridled time to meet with your peers and just chat frankly about the things that matter in running a software business. Business of Software will provide you with that.


That’s just 3 reasons – you may have other reasons for applying, and that’s great. If you’re running or working in a Software Business and wouldn’t otherwise be able to make it to #BoS2018, submit your application for a 99% discounted ticket below.

Business of Software Conference 2018: 1-3 October 2018, Boston MA

Apply For A Scholarship Here

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