Rahul Vohra

CEO & Founder, Superhuman

Rahul Vohra is the CEO & Founder of Superhuman, the world’s fastest email experience.

Superhuman is an advanced email application for professionals and power users. Previously, Rahul was the CEO & Co-Founder of Rapportive, a gmail plug-in that displays your contacts’ social media information inside your email application. After selling Rapportive to LinkedIn where he worked for two years, (and even shared some great advice for entrepreneurs who want to thrive in a big company post-acquisition), Rahul has worked with several startups in both investment and advisory capacities. He spoke last year at BoS USA about The Product-Market Fit Engine, and we’re thrilled to have him back this September.

The Email Game – The Key to Happy Customers

At Superhuman, they make products like they are games.

Most companies worry about what users want or need. But nobody needs a game to exist; there are no requirements. At Superhuman, they don’t worry about what users want or what they need; they obsess over how people feel. They practice an altogether different kind of product development.

Rahul has been designing games since he was child. He started by creating paper mazes, spent his school years programming video games, and worked professionally as a game designer on RuneScape — the world’s largest free roleplaying game.

You will learn: how to make products that are delightful, amazing, and magical — and which are fundamentally like games.