Rahul Vohra

CEO Founder, Superhuman

Rahul wants you to fall in love with email again.

Rahul Vohra is a computer scientist, gamer, entrepreneur, designer and the Founder & CEO of Superhuman, an advanced email application for professionals and power users. He was the CEO & Co-Founder of Rapportive, a gmail plug-in that displays your contacts’ social media information inside your email application. After selling Rapportive to LinkedIn where he worked for two years, (and even shared some great advice for entrepreneurs who want to thrive in a big company post-acquisition), Rahul has worked with several startups in both investment and advisory capacities.

The Product-Market Fit Engine

Drawing on his experiences as startup entrepreneur and employee in a public software company, Rahul will discuss what product-market fit is and why it’s so important whether you’re a first-time entrepreneur on your first startup or IBM. He will show you how to measure product market fit and how to build a world-class product based on both vision and data.