Rahul Vohra

CEO & Founder, Superhuman

Rahul Vohra is the CEO & Founder of Superhuman, the world’s fastest email experience.

Superhuman is an advanced email application for professionals and power users. Previously, Rahul was the CEO & Co-Founder of Rapportive, a gmail plug-in that displays your contacts’ social media information inside your email application. After selling Rapportive to LinkedIn where he worked for two years, (and even shared some great advice for entrepreneurs who want to thrive in a big company post-acquisition), Rahul has worked with several startups in both investment and advisory capacities. He spoke last year at BoS USA about The Product-Market Fit Engine, and we’re thrilled to have him back this September.

Customer Onboarding – The Key to Happy Customers

Following his talk from last year about The Product-Market Fit Engine, Rahul will share Superhuman’s unique and highly effective approach to user onboarding. Superhuman is the fastest email experience in the world, and has been dubbed the “buzziest” company in Silicon Valley. Instead of accepting the convention of self-service, Rahul pioneered a novel go-to-market with live concierge onboardings that creates power users, increases retention, drives virality, and fosters real human connection. In this talk, Rahul will share why Superhuman onboardings work — and how you can adopt them for yourself.