Lucy Heskins: Your Product as a Marketing Engine

You’ve got a great product customers love and you want to grow your user base. In this session, Lucy explains why the smartest way to growth is to align your marketing with the strengths of your product so your product becomes a marketing engine.

She will show you how to understand the types of problems your customers experience and how that should shape your marketing to capture demand. Lucy shares case studies of companies that have developed powerful product-led marketing approaches successfully including Grammarly, Hubspot. She will help you understand the problems your customers face so that you can align your marketing and product marketing strategy with insights that will drive effective growth and product development.



Lucy Heskins
Lucy Heskins

Lucy Heskins

Founder, OhBlimey

Lucy is an early-stage startup marketer who works with founders to validate, create and build their businesses, primarily in the b2b tech industries. She was the marketing lead and employee number one at subscription learning platform, Careercake, a video learning platform that achieved 400x growth, supporting 10 million learners, from over forty countries that was acquired by the world’s leading e-learning platform, SocialTalent in 2022.

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