April Dunford: How Your Differentiated Value Should Drive Your Sales Pitch

Your features don’t win deals. Your ability to negotiate pricing does not win you deals. What wins deals is being really clear about why customers pick you over the other guys. How can your sales team make your differentiated value obvious to the right people? Your differentiating value will allow the champion of the deal at a prospect to sell that to everybody else. The better your story, the better the story travels around the world.

That’s what wins deals.

In this talk, April will discuss why she thinks determining your differentiated value and making it real for customers are the two fundamental questions that help you build an effective sales story. She’ll share terrible and terrific examples that reveal why most sales pitches get it wrong. You’ll be walked through her approach to building a sales pitch that demonstrates your unique value and closes deals.

April Dunford

Founder, Ambient Strategy

April is strategic consultant and author of the best book on positioning ever written, Obviously Awesome. She helps technology companies make complicated products easy for customers to understand and love. She is a globally recognized expert in Positioning and Market strategy.

Previously April ran marketing and sales teams at a series of successful technology startups including Janna Systems (acquired by Siebel for $1.7 billion) and DataMiirror (acquired by IBM). She has also had executive roles at IBM, Siebel, Nortel and Huawei. In this time she has launched 16 products into market. She is also a board member, investor, and advisor to dozens of high-growth businesses. You can find her at: www.aprildunford.com She has  attended BoS many times and spoken on how to get positioning right, why sales people should sell their point of view and more.

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