Anna Granta: Supporting Neurodiversity in Your Team

Some people’s brains work differently. In this talk, you will learn how to harness differences within your team so that everyone can do their best work. Up to 40% of the population is neurodiverse and studies indicate this % is significantly higher in tech companies.

Anna will share her experiences as someone with dyslexia and ADHD to help you understand what neurodiversity is and the strengths and difficulties of neurodiverse people. She will show you how you can best work with, manage and recruit your neurodiverse colleagues.

You will learn: 

  • What dyslexia, ADHD and autism are and how they can be advantages in tech
  • What support you should offer to enable everyone to do their best
  • Which types of tasks will allow different people to shine
  • What this means for recruitment and returning to the office 

Anna Granta

Neurodiversity Coach

Anna is an ADHDer and dyslexic, which means that her formal training on neurodivergent conditions has a lifetime’s worth of experience to draw on. 

A Cambridge mathematician, she has worked in software development with companies including Redgate, Featurespace, Metaswitch and Cambridge Intelligence. Her gift is understanding people, what they want, what they are truly capable of, and where they are holding themselves back. She’s run her own coaching practice for the past three years to work with people to help them grow and realize their ambitions.

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