Jim Geisman

Jim Geisman, software pricing partners
Jim Geisman

Jim is widely known as one of the top software monetisation experts in the world and was recently recognised as the top B2B software pricing expert by OpenView Labs.  

He was the former director of marketing for Apollo Computer, and an original member of the IMP team—the team that actually built and tested the Internet Messaging Protocol on the ARPANET project, which later became the backbone of the Internet we use today.

Jim was on the Executive Committee of the MIT Enterprise Forum and chaired the Forum’s Start-Up Clinic for over a decade. He was on the Board of the Harvard Business School Association of Boston and is currently on the Board of the Professional Pricing Society.

He is a passionate guitar player and motorcycle owner. He graduated from Tufts University with a master’s degree in Engineering, and received his MBA from Harvard.

Talks by Jim Geisman

Pricing Isn’t Rocket Science – It Just Takes Some WorkSeptember 2013

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