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Don’t just roll the dice‘ can help…

Software Pricing GuideIf you enjoyed Jim Geisman’s talk at Business of Software Conference 2013 on Software Pricing, you might like to read Neil Davidson’s excellent, short, ebook of Software Pricing.

Neil Davidson, BoS founder, wrote an epic little book: ‘Don’t Just Roll the Dice‘ – a usefully short guide to software pricing which somehow manages to pack in everything you might need to know such as the economics, pricing psychology, price signals, common pitfalls and a handy little checklist.

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It is FREE and over 50,000 people have downloaded it to date.

2 responses to “Free and Usefully Short Guide to Software Pricing. Free eBook Download.”

  1. Tathagat Varma says:

    Send me the link to download the book. Thx.

    • Mark Littlewood says:

      Tathagat, you just need to leave your email address in the box and it will be sent to you.