Bootstrap vs VC, Imposter Syndrome, and Building Culture – Q&A with Jason Cohen

Jason Cohen, Founder, WPEngine

For his 4th company, Jason Cohen wanted a different journey. Seeing the potential of WPEngine after 2 years of bootstrapping, for the first time Jason took funding. For the first time, Jason decided he would not be the CEO of a company he founded.

We had a fascinating Hangout with Jason last week, which you can watch below. All manner of topics were covered, including:

  • Why Jason decided that WPEngine would raise money
  • The role of mentoring in overcoming impostor syndrome
  • Practical tips on how WPEngine built its great organisational culture

Hangout Video Below




Join us for our next hangout with Mike McDerment (CEO, FreshBooks), where we’ll be talking about why you should consider re-platforming your SaaS.

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