Alex McCracken: SaaS and Software Company Metrics

Most published data on SaaS company metrics is significantly skewed to venture funded companies and so can often give a false impression of how SaaS companies benchmark against the wider market.

In this short talk and extended Q&A as part of the group activities, Alex will share some key data from c 500 SaaS businesses in the US and Europe with an approximately 50/50 split between venture and bootstrapped/revenue funded businesses. This will allow you to understand how your metrics and growth compare against a broader range of businesses and understand some of the key value drivers of growth.

Alex McCracken

Head of Relationships, Capchase

Alex has provided over £1billion in credit finance to B2B and Software companies. He is Head of Venture Lending at Capchase and previously spent 11 years at Silicon Valley Bank. Prior to this, Alex was Investment Manager at TTP Ventures, a $50m venture capital fund. Earlier in his career Alex co-founded TISS Ltd which developed SAAS Telematics and Fuel Efficiency systems for road haulage vehicles.

Alex helped to grow TISS in Europe and USA before making a successful exit to a Family Investment Office. 

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