Claire Suellentrop: Using JTBD in Your Copy

Typically, when software companies write up their homepage, features page, or pricing page, they use messages and words their internal team is accustomed to using – but often, those words mean very little to their customers, users or prospects. Then they wonder why it’s so hard to acquire new customers.

In this talk, Claire will explain why this doesn’t work and offer you some straightforward pointers to help you use JTBD – a framework to help you understand what your customers want to achieve – to write in a way that resonates with your ideal customers.

You can join Claire in the breakout session after this talk to dig deeper, explain why your situation is completely unique and ask her advice about your next steps.

Claire Suellentrop

COO & Co-Founder, Forget The Funnel

Claire is co-founder and COO of Forget The Funnel, boutique growth consultants for scaling SaaS companies. FTF uses a systematic approach to help SaaS teams graduate from ad hoc experiments to sustainable growth; an approach rooted in your customers’ desired experience, your unique product, and your team’s particular strengths & needs.

FTF’s approach has helped SaaS companies achieve amazing things, including:

  • Doubling SparkToro’s free-to-paidconversion rate
  • Increasing site visits for Life Lapse→ new signups from 9.42% → 18.19%, (and sales by 18.9%)
  • Reducing CareerCake’s average demo booking timeframe from 1 month → 3 days

Several hairstyles ago, Claire spoke at BoS 2018 on Product Messaging with JTBD, a talk that was both full of actionable ideas and memorable for being supported by a tech team of the creator of JTBD, Bob Moesta, and Keanu Reeves*!

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*well the budget version Keanu!

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