Matt Lerner: How to Focus Teams on the Most Impactful Work

You may have noticed, diligence and hard work do not always lead to success, and doing more, faster is often a bad idea. What is it that causes an organisation to miss the important obvious opportunities while, technically, working hard and doing their jobs really well?

Matt will explain how ‘sensible’ incentive structures and widely accepted organisational practices often lead to bad outcomes, and he’ll suggest a better approach. He’ll challenge you to rethink the way strategy is developed and communicated; the incentive structures you put in place; and the outcomes your culture celebrates, so your team can achieve the success you seek, even in today’s resource-constrained environment.

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2-4 October USA (Raleigh, NC) | 25-26 March Europe (Cambridge, UK)

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Matt Lerner

Founder StartupCoreStrengths

Matt ran growth at PayPal and has worked with countless startups since as an investor and coach. He’s also spoken at BoS to discuss how to align your org around metrics that matter.

After moving to London, he developed and led 500 Startups “Distro Dojo” growth accelerator, which helped 35 startups achieve an average YoY growth of 250%. After watching hundreds of European startups waste investors’ money on bad marketing hires and expensive non-scalable tactics, Matt founded Startup Core Strengths, a structured coaching program to help startups learn the foundational mindset and habits to drive sustainable growth. Matt occasionally lectures on Startup Marketing at Imperial College and Stanford Business School.

Check out our upcoming events

2-4 October USA (Raleigh, NC) | 25-26 March Europe (Cambridge, UK)

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