Seven Horrors of Go To Market and How to Avoid Them with Asia Orangio – Fall 2021 Keynote

Asia Orangio, DemandMaven

Asia will share the seven horrors that await your go to market strategy as it cranks into action.

Why do those carefully thought through plans fall apart? Why does marketing get more complex, costly and show increasingly less return? In this talk, Asia will help you recognize the symptoms to look out for that doom your strategy to fail and share an approach that will result in you doing more with less.

You can also join Asia after her talk for a breakout session. Be prepared to bring your own problems. Dig deeper, get down, dirty and tactical as you take the right steps to define your own go to market strategy you control and understand.

About Asia Orangio, Founder, DemandMaven

Asia Orangio, Founder, DemandMaven

Asia first came to BoS as a scholar before founding DemandMaven and was sure paying attention in the sessions. DemandMaven helps SaaS companies and startups reach and exceed their growth milestones – from the first 100 customers to the first 1,000. She helps founders makes sense of marketing and focus on things that count.