Bryony Thomas: Bridging the Gap Between Business Strategy & Marketing Operations

Any organisation that scales will find marketing becomes more challenging. What gets you off the ground is probably not what will sustain your growth. Ensuring that marketing evolves in step with your business requirements is a critical and difficult piece of the growth puzzle.

Leave this session with a core organising framework for understanding, assessing sequencing and balancing the focus in your business on the strategic and operational aspects of marketing. This will give you a common language to bring your whole team on board with the marketing investments and energy needed across the business to build a truly sustainable, scalable – and ultimately saleable – software business.

Bryony Thomas

Founder, Watertight Marketing

Bryony is the creator of the Watertight Business Thinking methodology, designed and refined as a strategic planning process and toolkit over two decades, and across 3000+ organisations.

The approach, introduced in her best-selling book – Watertight Marketing, builds on her early career working on clients that included Microsoft, Dell and Oracle, and in client-side marketing director roles for big data specialists ClarityBlue and Experian Marketing Services. Since 2008, Bryony has focused on working with founder-run scale-ups on bridging the gap between business strategy and marketing operations.

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