Product Rules (& When To Break Them): A BoS Playlist

Product rules

Product Development is the bread and butter of the SaaS Business. Seeing the seed of your idea grow into something useable and sellable – that’s the stuff of dreams. But the road to a market-ready product is filled with Product Development potholes.

What are the rules you need to abide by when building a great product? Included in this playlist are talks from legendary authors Don Norman, Rich Mironov, and Teresa Torres who each gave brilliant talks at BoS on rules for building successful products.

There is a caveat though – important and inviolable as some rules might be, you do need to know when to throw away the book. Scott Eblen (Director of Product Management, Twitter) and Whitney O’Banner (Engineering Manager, Medium) complete the playlist with some thoughts on when it’s best to abandon received product wisdom.

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Product Rules (+ When To Break Them)