Making Sales: The Playlist

Why should you care about sales? We’ve selected a handful of our top Sales talks to help walk you through the process of developing your sales team and your sales pitch

Selling 101: Paul Kenny

There’s no better time to watch this video: as the economy sours, persuading people to open their wallets will get harder. So selling will become more important.

Developing your Sales Story: Paul Kenny

Paul talks about sales stories and about how we, as entrepreneurs, can use them to bridge the gap between our technical insights and our customers’ commercial needs.

The Art of Asking: Paul Kenny

In this the fourth of his Business of Software talks, Paul Kenny tackles the age old issue of closing in his talk, ‘The Art of Asking‘.

He shows how almost everything we have learned about closing deals comes from exposure to bad sales people and poor technique rather than great sales people and he explores the myths (often generated by salespeople themselves) that there is some kind of dark art at play that transforms a prospect into a customer.

How to Tell a Story that Sells: April Dunford

April shares a framework you can use to build a story that focuses on WHY you built what you built in a way that is differentiating, compelling, and most importantly, gets you business.

While we understand stories are a great way to connect with customers, few companies really take advantage of a good narrative to help them market and sell their products. April will show you how.

Demand-side Sales 101: Bob Moesta

Bob talks about how to help people to buy, without selling. He takes us through the six steps of a customers journey from ‘first thought’ to ‘on-going use and building habits’. Knowing this journey can help you to position your product differently and help your customers buy.

The Art of Selling Software: Steli Efti

At BoS USA 2015, Steli offers some proven techniques to grow your sales revenue and improve your sales processes. You can apply many of the same ideas to get things done in your own organization, regardless of your role. As Dan Pink said, ‘To Sell Is Human‘.

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