How To Build Great Company Culture: The Playlist

1: Perks vs Culture (The Ping Pong Table Fallacy) – Promise Phelon (CEO, TapInfluence)


Sustainable business culture is only possible if you consider what is below the surface first. It’s too easy to confuse perks – 401k, travel, free food – as the mark of a good culture. The reality is perks are meaningless without deep thought about the behaviours you encourage within your workplace – an ownership culture, transparency of performance and compensation, clarity about what it takes to win and building winning habits amongst your team. Culture is reinforced by strong leaders with a willingness to address some of the daily things that stop us from letting emotional triggers preventing us from building a great company.


2: How To Build A World-Class Culture In 3 Easy Steps – Mikey Trafton (CTO, Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas)


Mikey Trafton learned about ‘cultural fit’ the hard way when every employee in his 8 person startup quit on him in a single day. This is one of the best talks we’ve heard at Business of Software Conferences about culture and why it matters. It offers entrepreneurs and software people a very simple, effective three-step framework to consider when building a workforce.


3: How To Design Organizational Culture – Alex Osterwalder (Founder/CEO, Strategyzer)


Culture isn’t just something that organically forms – time and effort goes into establishing and creating it. At Business of Software Conference USA 2015, Alex Osterwalder described the key steps in designing an effective organizational culture.