Advice From SaaS Founders: The Playlist

1: The Long, Slow, SaaS Ramp Of Death – Gail Goodman (Former CEO, Constant Contact)


One of the most-watched BoS talks, and with good reason. Here Gail Goodman describes the difficulty of growing Constant Contact, and what they did to overcome the roadblock.


2: Healthy, Wealthy, & Wise – Jason Cohen (Founder, WP Engine)


Jason Cohen is a hugely successful entrepreneur – he is the founder of Smart Bear Software and WP Engine.. In this, his 4th talk at Business of Software Conference, he raises the issue of Founder Health. Are you the Hacker News ‘Founder in Pain’? Or maybe you struggle making the big, emotional decisions that necessarily come with running a business? Jason has words of comfort and challenge for you.


3: Keeping The Fun In Your Business Life – Natalie Nagele (Founder/CEO, Wildbit)


Why are you running a business? That’s the question Natalie poses in this inspiring talk from BoS USA 2017. Natalie talks about the importance of putting your team first, and how to make sure you’re pursuing your own goals, and not just feeding ‘The Beast’.


4: What I’ve Learned In 10 Years Of Balsamiq – Peldi Guilizzoni (Founder/CEO, Balsamiq)


In this talk from BoS USA 2018 Peldi shared an honest update about his worries in Balsamiq’s milestone 10th year. On realizing he’s still too integral to the business, Peldi started the ‘Winter 2018 Injected Turbulence Project’ – delegated product design and engineering management, deleted Slack and Twitter from his phone, and stopped watching their internal wiki.


5: Facing Fears (Growing Bigger By Growing Bolder) – Dharmesh Shah (Founder/CTO, Hubspot)


In this talk from BoS USA 2019, Hubspot founder Dharmesh Shah talked about facing his fears about the future of Hubspot.