Schedule – BoS Conf USA 2022

In-Person | 26-28 Sept



07:30am Breakfast
Mikey Trafton: Finding Your Super PowersLeadership, Hiring
Nick Francis: The Future of Company BuildingLeadership, Strategy, Growth, Hiring, Product
Tiffani Bova: Growth is a Thinking GameGrowth, Leadership, Marketing, Strategy
Dharmesh Shah: Mistakes Made & Lessons Learned Building HubSpotLeadership, Product, Strategy
Breakout Group Discussions
Hana Abaza: Breaking Into Enterprise CustomersMarketing, Pricing, Strategy
06:00pm BoS Attendee Buffet Dinner & Drinks


08:00am Breakfast
April Dunford: How to Tell a Story that SellsPricing, Marketing, Strategy
Elizabeth O’Neill: Founder Energy and Team EnergyLeadership, Hiring
Bill Spruill: Leadership Lessons from Growth & ExitLeadership, Growth, Strategy
Chris Savage: Company Life After InvestorsLeadership, Growth, Product, Strategy
Asia Orangio: How to design a growth plan that worksGrowth, Strategy
Patrick Campbell: Pricing, Retention, and Growth Strategies That WorkGrowth, Pricing, Strategy
06:00pm Drinks & Networking
07:00pm Self-Organised Dinner


08:00am Breakfast
Amir Salihefendić: Asynchronous Communication Means Better WorkLeadership, Hiring, Strategy
Bruce McCarthy: Managing StakeholdersLeadership, Growth, Product
Katherine Thompson & Bob Moesta: JTBD Hiring and CareersLeadership, Hiring
01:00pm Conference ClosesTakeaway Lunches provided


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