Claire Suellentrop: JTBD → Messaging & Copywriting Live Demo

Following Claire’s talk, this breakout discussion will help you understand how Claire & the FTF team put these ideas into practice. Join Claire for a live walkthrough of the steps her team takes to 1) gather customer insight, 2) figure out which messages to prioritize, and 3) arrange those messages to create a higher-converting page.

Claire Suellentrop

CEO & Founder, HeyElevate

Claire is co-founder and COO of Forget The Funnel, boutique growth consultants for scaling SaaS companies. FTF uses a systematic approach to help SaaS teams graduate from ad hoc experiments to sustainable growth; an approach rooted in your customers’ desired experience, your unique product, and your team’s particular strengths & needs.

FTF’s approach has helped SaaS companies achieve amazing things, including:

  • Doubling SparkToro’s free-to-paidconversion rate
  • Increasing site visits for Life Lapse→ new signups from 9.42% → 18.19%, (and sales by 18.9%)
  • Reducing CareerCake’s average demo booking timeframe from 1 month → 3 days

Several hairstyles ago, Claire spoke at BoS 2018 on Product Messaging with JTBD, a talk that was both full of actionable ideas and memorable for being supported by a tech team of the creator of JTBD, Bob Moesta, and Keanu Reeves*!

Find out more about Claire

*well almost!

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