Paul Caffrey: Hidden Habits: How Elite Sales Professionals Win Year after Year

Have you ever questioned why some sales people win so many deals, when others have highs and lows—or just don’t reach their true potential? The answer… sales people who prospect better, sell more and get promoted faster are ready for every opportunity that comes into their world. Most sales professionals don’t prepare enough and underestimate the importance of it. Truly elite sales professionals, either instinctually, or through a process, prepare for even the smallest conversations that can lead to the biggest deals.

In this discussion and Q&A, Paul will share a framework with six guiding hidden habits to help you achieve your revenue goals. Those hidden habits will allow you to understand what your prospect is looking for, put them first in the conversation and develop a robust, scalable, predictable and repeatable sales process.

Paul Caffrey, Sales Preparation Expert & UKI Tech Sector Lead


Paul M. Caffrey is a master of sales preparation. Highly educated in the fields of science and business. Paul has spent the past 14 years mastering his chosen craft – sales. An elite sales professional, Paul has been trained by some of the best regarded sales organisations in tech including Sun Microsystems and Salesforce. He is trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands and most innovative scale-up tech companies.

He joined Workato in 2021 to build their UKI tech business and advises customers about how they can streamline and automate their marketing and sales processes so teams can focus on the stuff that matters most.

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