Jon Hainstock: Who Cares About Content & SEO?

Jon Hainstock does. He wished he’d taken content & SEO more seriously in his first SaaS company, ZoomShift. It would have made his business significantly more valuable.

Content & SEO can be a SaaS superpower, particularly when products with low ARPU make high touch marketing prohibitive. Jon will share why content and SEO can be valuable and help you understand how to know if that investment is worthwhile in support of your business growth.

He’ll share ideas to help you build and execute a content strategy that works for you as well as drawing on session participants to demonstrate practical, actionable tactics to get you started.

Jon Hainstock

Founder, ZoomShift, Advisor, Quiet Light

Jon Hainstock is a senior advisor at Quiet Light. He is also an entrepreneur who built, grew, and exited his software business, ZoomShift, for a life-changing amount of money.

As a consultant, Jon has worked with Costco, Hubspot, Moz, EatStreet, Gener8tor, and many more incredible organizations.

His mission is to help founders build wonderful internet businesses and exit on their terms.


Twitter: @jonhainstock  

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