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About this Business of Software Masterclass

Nothing is forever. Your team dynamics evolve as strategy, people, roles, goals, market forces and the world around you change your work environment. Building a high-performing, resilient and adaptive team has never been more important.

This BoS Masterclass will help you understand how you can build an effective team culture that aligns with your values, adapts to change and leads to high-performance, creativity and productivity. The masterclass will employ explanation, group discussion and practical exercises aimed at making your team work better together. It will start by considering your current team dynamic and performance and help you develop a practical toolset to lead and facilitate your team more effectively.

You will learn how to develop better team routines and rituals, raise your awareness of collaboration techniques and design solutions for better communication.

We’ll be using Slack to communicate before and during the event. Hop in to the #masterclass_building-high-performing-teams-with-alison-coward channel now to introduce yourself.



A short set of questions to complete before the first session to make you think about your business.

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