Chris Spiek & Ryan Singer: ShapeUp! Shipping What Matters

We’re not shipping as fast as we used to.” “We’re starting to miss deadlines and have quality issues.” They’re familiar problems.

Chris and Ryan have spent decades working to improve how product teams build products that deliver value to customers by focusing on both the demand and supply side. They will discuss a way of organizing product and engineering teams by shaping projects to increase the success rate and satisfaction level of the team deliver better products. Chris will explain how they applied the ShapeUp concept at Autobooks, the successes and failures they experienced, and how they developed the ShapeUp method to meet the needs of product driven software companies today.

Chris Spiek

Chris Spiek

Chief Product Officer, Autobooks

Chris Spiek has spent over 20 years working in product roles in the software industry. He co-founded the Re-Wired group in 2010 with Jobs-to-be-Done expert Bob Moesta where he co-authored The Jobs-to-be-Done Handbook. For the past five years, he has been Chief Product Officer at Autobooks, a Michigan based company providing embedded banking technology to financial institutions to help them to attract and monetize small business relationships. In his time at Autobooks, he has used the ShapeUp process, particularly where projects involved external dependencies where you can’t place bets with other people’s money. ShapeUp has helped de-risk projects and make more progress by having a better understanding of the desired result and avoiding getting to a point halfway through a project only to discover they can’t achieve what they set out to achieve.

Chris spoke at BoS Conference USA in 2013 alongside Bob Moesta when they demonstrated the JTBD interviewing technique with a real live case study, one of the most watched BoS talks of all time

Ryan Singer

Principal, Felt Presence

Ryan has worked on all levels of the software stack, from UI design to back-end programming to strategy and now spends his time building products and inventing processes for design and development.

Over 17 years at Basecamp he designed features used by millions while developing the processes used to design, develop and ship the right things. In 2019, he wrote Shape Up: Stop Running in Circles and Ship Work that Matters. Shape Up changed the way many software teams talk about shaping projects, making bets, and targeting unknowns.

He likes working with people when they’re struggling to prioritize too many options or when they aren’t sure how to frame a problem they’re facing.

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