Matt Lerner: Goals, Metrics and Incentives

Do your teams move in one direction? Single founders struggle to focus on the right things. More people, teams and departments mean exponential complexity.

The truth. A single goal and focusing resources on achieving it is the only way to maximise outcomes.

In this interactive session, Matt will take you through the process of finding, stress-testing and implementing a single North Star Metric to help you align goals, behaviours and incentives across your company. You will learn how to identify your rate-limiting step, the bottleneck where you need to focus to have the biggest impact on your growth. He’ll discuss how to implement your framework across your team so that people are aligned and making good decisions about how to spend time and money.

This session will help you to:

  • Simplify prioritization and decision making.
  • Focus your team on the most impactful work. Everyone works hard, winners do the right work.
  • Develop a metrics-driven culture to reinforce high-impact thinking and decision making.

Matt Lerner
Matt Lerner

Matt Lerner

Co-Founder, SYSTM

Matt is co-founder of SYSTM (formerly Startup Core Strengths) and is obsessed with how startups can take a team of a dozen or so talented people to create a business and grow to be worth billions, help millions of people, and change the world.

He joined PayPal in 2004 as head of growth, made plenty of mistakes along the way and has spent the last 9 years with startups, studying, experimenting, and looking for patterns of success and failure to discover what works consistently across companies, and what fails.

He published, ‘Growth Levers and How to Find Them’ in 2024. In the words of Sean Ellis:

“What every founder needs to know about marketing – read this before you hire a Head of Growth.”

He lives outside London with his wife, a molecular biologist and two daughters.

You can check more of Matt’s talks here.

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