Joanna Wiebe: How Every Customer Interaction Can be Improved With a Framework

From first contact with prospects, through customer onboarding and ensuring customer success, your customer journey can be improved at every level with the right framework. Prospects become customers and customers become power users faster with the right words.

Joanna will share proven frameworks you can apply today that help your customers navigate the journey from first contact through to ensuring your customer churn is the lowest in your industry. Using case studies from companies she’s worked with, including Hubspot, Intercom, Canva, Teamwork, Shopify and more, you’ll understand how your copy can make the difference between OK and great.

You will learn: where you find your messages and know if they’re good enough; why confirmation pages and messages are a killer opportunity; how to use effective messaging to onboard customers effectively and help them stay productive, engaged, long term customers. 

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Joanna Wiebe
Joanna Wiebe

Joanna Wiebe

Joanna, founder of Copyhackers, is on a mission to help 5,000 copywriters make $1million per year. (Each). For nearly 2 decades, Joanna has helped small businesses and ginormous companies write effective, high-converting web copy, increase sign-ups, paid conversions & upgrades. 

She’s from a family of seven kids and now lives in Kelowna, BC where she de-stresses by writing fiction and going on wine tours near her house. She adores Latin, grammar and general word-geekiness.

She believes:

  • Your copy is what turns browsers into buyers
  • You can write your own high-converting web copy
  • You just need a little guidance to get you there

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Price increases 26th July. The earlier you book your ticket, the more you save.

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