BoS Bytes

BoS Bytes – 3 Things to Make You Smarter

There’s a ton of terrible content out there. Three golden nuggets I guarantee are worth your time.

🎙 Against the Rules

  • Michael Lewis wrote Liar’s Poker, The Big Short, Moneyball and more. He was working on a biography of Sam Bankman-Fried when stuff turned interesting… His podcast is fascinating, early seasons covering what’s happened to the concept of fairness, our views on ‘experts’ and more. The most recent season explores the world of Sam Bankman-Fried as he researches his forthcoming book on the famous fraudster. 2nd October is a HUGE day. BoS Conference USA starts. Michael’s book is out. SBF’s trial starts.

📃 Generative AI and Intellectual Property

  • If an AI model takes all the world’s knowledge and makes something new, who owns that and who gets paid? Super insight on a completely new problem that we’ve been arguing about for 500 years from Ben Evans.

📄 Wealth for Founders – The Wealth Benchmark Calculator

  • John Knox is a regular at BoS, talented engineer, incredible photographer and has a side passion to help educate founders about money. A total mensch. He shares ideas and advice for founders freely including this handy calculator that will help you plan for the future.
  • John was also the original founder of the BoS Conference Scholarship program to support young entrepreneurs get a leg up in the industry and this year has enabled 3 recent tech grads from NC State University attend BoS USA.

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