The Pitfalls of Overreliance

The promise of insights derived from data has led many to believe that data-driven decisions are foolproof. However, Jason Cohen, CEO of WP Engine, challenges this assumption in his thought-provoking talk at the BoS 2013.

One of the key points Jason raises is that data lacks the human element. Data can provide answers to “what” and “how,” but it often falls short in explaining “why.” Understanding the motivations and emotions of customers or employees requires a nuanced approach that goes beyond numerical analysis.

Jason’s insights serve as a reminder that a thoughtful, balanced approach is key. Data is a valuable tool, but it should not be the sole driver of decisions. Incorporating intuition, human understanding, and a nuanced view of the broader context can help businesses avoid the pitfalls of overreliance on data.

Jason will share his deep knowledge born out of building his own highly successful bootstrapped and venture funded businesses and advising hundreds of others at BoS USA 2023 this fall.

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