BoS Bytes

BoS Bytes – 3 Things to Make You Smarter

There’s a ton of terrible content out there. Three golden nuggets I guarantee are worth your time.

📄 Azeem Azhar Three Months of AI in Six Charts

  • Mind-blowing. 6 charts that tell a story about the potential and reality of AI from Azeem Azhar. If you haven’t watched Azeem’s stunning BoS talk on the Exponential Gap which explains why the pace of change in tech is quite so rapid, do yourself a big favour and start here.

ðŸĶĪ Ed Elson Everything I got Wrong About Crypto

  • Ed used to work with Prof Scott Galloway and was a crypto believer, until he wasn’t. This is an interesting thread about analysts, predicting the future and making assumptions. It’s unusual for someone to admit they were so completely wrong and explain why. More people should!

📕 The lovely folk at Balsamiq just published Wireframing for Everyone.

  • It’s THE definitive guide (my words) to using wireframes so that you can get your ideas across effectively. Absolutely not ‘just for designers’, if you want to know how wireframes can help you communicate your vision and make strategic design decisions, we definitely recommend.

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