Spring: A New Beginning and Changed Perspective

Spring in Europe? Yes please!

Spending some of those days with BoS friends filled with insights, mind blowing ideas, shifting perspectives, clearing the cobwebs, and having fabulous conversations and laughs – in person!? Yes, yes, yes!

My second attempt at an in-person BoS conference was more successful and exceeded all my expectations! My business partner (and husband), Mike, attended as well. At almost a week later, we are still debriefing, brainstorming, and working through shifting our offerings to more meaningful whole-company quality for our clients.

From my previous blog post here, I did not quite answer the question “How has BoS changed our perspective, our company, or our way of working?”, but this conference’s talks, conversations, lunches, breakout sessions, and more, have provided us with many new insights, as well as reminders of past ideas.

Changed Our Perspective:

Not only do the speakers and talks at BoS shed light on how we can best serve our clients, but it gives us a much wider view of how our clients’ products might be serving their customers and stakeholders.

Using insights from BoS talks, we can dig deeper into understanding our clients’ customers’ needs, and – as a result – laser in on how to build a custom quality process that tests if our clients’ business and customer needs are being met.

Changed Our Company:

BoS expose us to a wide range of topics that provide us with insights to help us enhance the understanding of our clients’ customers’ needs in many ways – including:

  • Identify industry trends
  • Understand customer pain points
  • Adopt best practices
  • Gain a holistic view of the customer journey
  • Emphasize user-centred design
  • Foster collaboration and communication

Changed Our Way of Working

We have always been focused on framing QA testing from the user and business perspective, and have in recent years implemented a Shift-Quality-Left mindset when coaching and testing for our clients. BoS talks have now also helped put us in our clients’ seat and have us digging deeper into their industries and their customer and business needs. Instead of asking “how do we test?”, “what do we test?”, and “when do we test?”, we have shifted to more business valuable questions such as:

  • How do our clients define what quality means to them or their customers?
  • Do our clients know what jobs their customers are hiring their products for (à la Bob Moesta’s Jobs to be Done Framework)?
  • How can we better define quality with a more holistic understanding of customer pain points and journey?

Our job is now to help guide clients to answer these questions, and build a solid Quality Plan from start to finish.

As always, the intimate, organic, and thoughtful nature of conversations and talks is overwhelmingly inspirational and thought provoking. Everyone is so very kind and helpful. Unlike other conferences, I always walk away with tangible ideas, deeper connections, and a high level of respect for how much care is put into building meaningful relationships.

Vesna Leonard