Business of Software Conference USA Relocates to Raleigh NC

We’re thrilled to announce Business of Software Conference USA is relocating to Raleigh, NC – one of the fastest growing tech clusters in the USA.

BoS Conference USA will take place from 1-4 October 2023

It will be held at the Fletcher Opera Theater, Martin Marietta Center for the Performing Arts, in the heart of downtown Raleigh. It is a real life opera house!

Looks like I am going to need a new outfit. Anyone know where I can get an acorn?

Partnership With CED

We’re partnering with the Council for Entrepreneurial Development (CED) to make it all happen.

They’re doing great things in the region and are a truly awesome partner for us.

  • We bring SaaS and software entrepreneurs in the BoS community from around the world together and we know they will get a great welcome.
  • Regional entrepreneurs are able to join and contribute to an extraordinary network of people. Together so we can spend time thinking about building great businesses.

“We are proud to partner with BoS and welcome you to our tech ecosystem in North Carolina. Having attended Business of Software myself, I can attest to the extraordinary speakers and the unique atmosphere that encourages a spirit of open learning and mutual support among the attendees. I was immediately aligned with the approach to support, a shared philosophy here at CED. As partners, we look forward to creating a memorable experience for all at BoS USA.” 

Kelly Rowell, CEO at CED.

Why Raleigh?

So many reasons but here’s my summary:

  • North Carolina companies have been regular attendees at BoS. The three founder CEOs of Global Data Consortium, Precision Lender and Kevel have attended the conference over 30 times between them and have always championed the cluster. They’ve had some remarkable success over the past few years. We’ve noticed.
  • The tech cluster in NC is established and on the rise. It has a dynamic tech community, world-class universities, innovative startups and established tech giants. There are some remarkable software companies there.
  • We went to visit and were blown away by the friendliness of the people, the food, the culture. The willingness to make things happen.
  • We also think the amazing teams at CED and 2ndF, (pronounced 2 En Dee Eff), share our values, our goals and our belief, Building a company is hard but there is no one single right way to be successful. Bringing smart entrepreneurs together to offer an opportunity to share ideas helps people, companies and ecosystems grow together.

All in all, it feels very BoS.

Added bonus: From touchdown at the airport to sitting in a taxi took 23 minutes. At least 2 hours and 23 minutes less than I have ever got through Logan.

Final word for now from long time BoS attendee, speaker and all round mensch, Bill Spruill:

“I’ve been a long time attendee of Business of Software Conferences and always felt our region would benefit from the world-class learning as well as exposure for our regional entrepreneurs to successful companies from across the globe. As part of my mission to galvanize the entrepreneurial culture here, it’s a coup to bring the conference to NC.”

Bill Spruill, Founder – Global Data Consortium, Chairman – CED

We’ll share more about the venue, the location, the conference, the people that make the cluster tick in due course but BoS Conf USA 2023 is going to be special for so many reasons. Cannot wait.

More on BoS Conference USA 2023.

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