Over on the mastadon, Sara Safavi recently posted:

Which got us thinking about the full alphabet of SaaS that is more realistic to life:

SaaA – Software as an Apocalyptic abyss

SaaB – A semi-reliable car for architects

SaaC – Software as a Cause of anxiety

SaaD – Software as a Disappointment

SaaE – Software as an Escape

SaaF – Software as a F*@king Service

SaaG – a classic Indian dish of cooked spinach studded with cubes of fried paneer cheese

SaaH – Software as a Hinderance

SaaI – Software as an Irritance

SaaJ – Software as a Jumping off point

SaaK – Software as a Kryptonite

SaaL – Software as a Labour of Love

SaaM – Fireman from Pontypandy
or would it be MaaS – Media as a Service

SaaN – Software as a Network

SaaO – Software as an Opinion

SaaP – Software as a Passion

SaaR – Software as a Revenue

SaaS – Service as a Service
See also SaaF

SaaT – Software as a Thing

SaaU – Software as a Utility

SaaV – Software as a Value

SaaW – Software as a Woodworking tool

SaaX – An unwelcome noise, often found in Jazz

SaaY – See it Saay it Sorted (YaaS is already owned by gen z)

ZaaS – Zero as a Service (aka when you’ve not done any of the work and have to present to the client)

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