Quiet Light x BoS 2023

Late in 2006 Mark Daoust, received a call from a good friend and fellow entrepreneur who was considering selling his 8-year-old web hosting website. Just 10 months prior Mark had sold his own profitable website and was looking for a new direction. Quiet Light was founded with this phone call.

Fast forward a few years and Quiet Light is now a leading player in the business of selling and buying profitable online businesses and have sold over 600 online businesses with over $300,000,000 in total transaction value. In 2022 they sold over 100 companies.

Even though they’re recognized as one of the most successful M&A advisors in the marketplace, Quiet Light still take an attitude of continual improvement to their processes. This is where BoS and Quiet Light make magic.

David and Christopher from Quiet Light enjoying some conversations at BoS Europe 2022

Throughout 2022, Quiet Light got to know some of the wonderful people that come to BoS, and have picked up on the BoS values that make our events ahead of the curve and open to all.

We are thrilled to have the wonderful team from Quiet Light back at BoS for 2023 where they will be supporting and attending all our online symposiums as well as our two flagship in-person events in Cambridge UK in the spring and USA in the fall.

The Quiet Light team taking the weight off with some drinks around the fire in Boston at BoS USA 2022

You can meet and chat to David, Christopher, Jon, and other Quiet Light stars at any of our upcoming events.

Check out our upcoming events

23-25 September 2024 USA (Raleigh, NC) | Europe 2025 (Coming soon!)

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