Are You Recession Ready?

Jason Cohen of WP Engine fame introduced me to Jonathan Slain at earlier this year. He and the WP Engine team work with Jonathan and he is a pretty interesting guy. We invited him on the podcast to discuss how SaaS and software companies can prepare for, and take advantage of, a recession.

We discuss:

  • How you define a ‘recession’, beyond the standard economist’s answer about GDP. Have you ever considered your company’s GDP?
  • The things that you should do to be prepared for a recession when they inevitably hit.
  • The opportunities that a recession can offer for those that are prepared properly and how to take advantage of them.
  • The common mistakes companies make when faced with a downturn.

You can take Jonathan’s recession readiness assessment here and see how you compare to over 1,500 other companies when it comes to being prepared for the next recession.

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