What to pack for BoS USA 2022

As we get ever closer to BoS USA In-Person, there’s a bunch of things we all need to think about. Over the next three weeks we’ll be sending you some information about what you’ll be doing over the three days you are in Boston for BoS.

When you are packing your bag for travelling it’s good to pack some items you might need whilst at conference. You don’t have to overthink things (like I did back in April for BoS Europe) but there are maybe some things you haven’t thought of.

1. Books

If you’ve written a book, been given a good book, or just read a really insightful book you think other BoS folk might be able to learn from or enjoy reading, why not bring it along and donate it to the Reading Corner?
The BoS community thrives on the basis of sharing information and when we are in person, we can physically share info by bring a book along and maybe swapping it for a book someone else has brought. You’ll be able to find the Reading Corner in the Plaza Lobby just outside the Ballroom Auditorium. 

2. BoS Tee from yesteryear

It’s been a tradition to show off your BoS credentials with the wearing of previous BoS tees to the current conference. We’ve had a lot of fun over the years seeing which tees from which confs show up and it can be a great conversation starter too.This is the last year of Tees as we move to a more sustainable and eco friendly approach meaning in future years you’ll be able to show off all the different years you’ve been to with different patches applied to your previous BoS Tees or bags.

BoS Tees from Confs gone by

3. Appetite

You are going to be well fuelled whist at BoS. You can take this two ways: metaphorically for the amazing food for thought our speakers are going to impart, and literally as the Seaport kitchens always provide delicious food and cater for every dietary requirement. The following food is provided for you:
Sunday –  Nibbles and drinks
Monday – Breakfast, Coffee break nibbles, lunch, & dinner
Tuesday – Breakfast, Coffee break nibbles, & lunch
Wednesday – Breakfast, Coffee break nibbles, boxed to-go lunch

4. Sensible Attire

You’re here to learn, not display some formal show of grandeur. You have three days of sitting, standing, and moving about so be comfortable to avoid distraction.
We also keep the auditorium on the cool side so if you feel the cold we recommend bringing a jumper. If you have a Slanket you want to bring with you go for it; BoS conf is all about you being the best you you can be, Slanket et al.

5. An Open Mind

Okay a little harder to remember where you left it after you used it last, but being prepared for the unexpected can unlock some of the difficulties you are currently facing by looking at them from a different point of view. It’s why our in-person conferences always have a mix of topics and areas of expertise.

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