Bob Moesta: Learning to Build

The 5 Bedrock Skills of Innovators and Entrepreneurs

In his career developing over 3,500 products, Bob Moesta has identified five essential core skills for successful innovation and entrepreneurship.

  1. Empathetic Perspective
  2. Uncovering Demand
  3. Causal Structures
  4. Prototyping to Learn
  5. Making Trade-offs

In this latest book from the wonderful mind of Bob Moesta, he builds on some of the foundations he has covered at BoS in the past.

At BoS USA 2018 he spoke live about how you see innovation and how you harness it effectively to make it work in his talk session The 5 Skills Of An Innovator.

In 2021, Bob returned for BoS Online Fall where he delivered a talk based on the writing of this very book in his session entitled Developing the Five Skills of an Entrepreneur and Innovator.

In Learning to Build, Bob helps you develop the five fundamental skills every successful innovator practices to be their best. He provides you with the resources you need to learn these skills, grow through experience, and adapt your mindset. Bob has coached entrepreneurs for twenty years and developed more than 3,500 new products. He’s experienced success because of the insight his mentors have shared with him, and now Bob is paying it forward. Join him as he recounts his trials and tribulations and sheds light on the path that will lead you to your greatest breakthrough.

You can catch Bob at BoS USA 2022 In-Person as he starts his next journey alongside his colleague Katherine Thompson as they discuss the research they’ve been doing regarding JTBD Hiring and Careers

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