What to Expect for #BoS2022

BoS Conf In-Person USA, Boston MA

With the next In-Person Business of Software Conference is coming up on 26-28 September 2022 in the USA; here are a few of the things that you should know.

There are some new elements this year so take a look and hit up our team if you have any questions

Where and when?

Seaport Hotel, 1 Seaport Lane, Boston, MA

26-28 September 2022

09:00 – 17:00 ET


Sunday Activities

Photo Duck Tours
16:00-18:45 ET

Quiet Light have put on a private Duck Boat Tour of Boston for BoS Conf attendees. The tour lasts 90 minutes and pick up and drop off will be at the Seaport Hotel main entrance on Seaport Lane. 

In previous years we have enjoyed the Photo Walk Tour led by BoS regular John Knox – and this year we are combining the tour with Duck Tours amphibious vehicles allowing you to explore the city by land and river as you take to the Charles River. Find out more about Duck Tours on their website bostonducktours.com

Early Registration & Drinks Reception
18:00 – 21:00 ET,  Plaza Lobby and Garden

Come meet some of this years speakers and attendees for drinks and networking before the main conference starts the following morning. A light finger buffet will be provided before an early nightcap ahead of the conference.

Accommodation & Conference Venue

We are returning to the wonderful Seaport Hotel and recommend that you stay on-site with us to maximise your experience and minimise travelling across Boston each day.

We have secured a limited number of rooms at a reduced room rate but these will not be around for long.

The reduced room rate is only available whilst rooms are last and will not be available after 24 August 2022.

Seaport Hotel have recently demolished our beloved theatre style auditorium, so this year we are moving into their beautiful Plaza Ballroom. Full details and maps telling you where you need to be and when will be issued to all attendees ahead of the conference ensuring you know where to be and when. 


  • Breakfast
    07:30 – 09:00 Monday
    08:00 – 09:00 Tuesday and Wednesday.

    Breakfast is provided on all three days of the conference, maximising your chance to meet other attendees, the speakers, catch up and make new friends.
    Located next door to the Auditorium Room, breakfast is served 
  • Lunch
    12:30 – 1400

    A buffet lunch is provided on Monday and Tuesday and some tables will be designated with table topics to spark a conversation. Don’t know anyone? Find something to talk about and join a conversation – or just join one of the ‘Quiet’ tables where you don’t have to speak to anyone (these often end up with some of the most animated conversations). On Wednesday, you will get a grab and go boxed lunch so you can either hang around or rush off to the outside world, the airport and back to the office, with some tasty food
  • Dinner
    18:00 – 22:00 Monday

    Don’t bother going to a restaurant, all the best people will be here at BoS and you will be well fed. You can choose to mingle or grab a table and talk. All up to you.

    Tuesday self generated dinners

    We provide you with a list of nice places to eat close by and you’re free to join a group or go back to your hotel room to recover from the second day. There is a drinks reception 18:00 – 19:00 to give you the chance to meet up and find dinner companions.

Code of Conduct

Speaking of feeling welcome and included, we have a strictly enforced Code of Conduct. We do not accept any form of harassment. If at any time, you are made to feel uncomfortable for whatever reason, contact any member of the team.

A Business of Software Welcome

Lanyards & Badges

This year, in line with our Covid regulations, we’ve changed the purpose of our lanyards. This year you are asked upon registration for your social interaction preference, these preferences are represented in lanyard colour. Full details will be available from the reg desk.

As always, you can collect your badge and lanyard from our reg desk which will be situated in the Plaza Lobby directly outside the Auditorium Hall.

Seaport Hotel have recently demolished our beloved theatre style auditorium, so this year we are moving into their beautiful Plaza Ballroom. Full details and maps telling you where you need to be and when will be issued to all attendees ahead of the conference.


We’ve been thinking long and hard about our impact on the world around us, and have decided to start a new trend that is kinder to the planet, whilst still sharing with you some treasured momentos.

This year we are launching our range of fabric patches; the type you would’ve got as a Scout when you were little. These – along with laptop decals – will be available to collect with your name badge from the reg desk. In the coming years you’ll be able to show off your credentials with your wealth of badges collected.

You can read more about why are changing the ways we do merch here

Bring a book to share

There are a few quiet corners in the venue where we will put out some books for reading and quiet contemplation. If you have read a book lately that you enjoy and don’t want to throw away, bring it along and share it with someone else. It is a nice thing to do.

Covid requirements

While we are taking reasonable steps to deliver a safe and welcoming experience, attendees choose to participate in a physical event at their own risk. The measures we are taking to ensure your safety and deliver a memorable and enjoyable conference and our Covid cancellation policy is fully explained here.

At the Conference


As soon as we have our speakers all announced, we’ll be sending the schedule for the three days by email to attendees ahead of it being publicly announced.


We encourage everyone to use the conference Slack Channel to introduce themselves, make plans, share notes & ideas.


We’re @BoSConference on Twitter and the Conference hashtag is #BoS2022

Collaborative Notes are taken by any attendee that’s interested in contributing. These are shared freely with attendees and mean you don’t have to worry too much if you miss something. Someone else will have your back.

Room Temperature

Worth noting if you are used to sitting in warm and cozy rooms, we keep the temperature in the auditorium on the low side, not Artic, but cool enough that the speakers are comfortable and attendees aren’t made to feel sleepy. If people are hot, they can’t take clothes off (within reason!). If people are cool they can put on another layer so please bring something if you think you might feel the cold.

Meet the Supporters 

During the networking breaks, don’t forget to come see, meet, and talk to some of our wonderful supporters. This is no trade show but we do have some very smart people around who would be happy to talk to you about your challenges.

kevel mensch supporter 212x114-01

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