Covid Requirements and Precautions

Precautions, attendee requirements, and cancellation policy

Important guidelines for the safety and comfort of all participants. As Covid-19 and pertinent health & safety guidelines evolve, guidelines will continue to be adapted and updated to have the safest event possible.

While we are taking reasonable steps to deliver a safe and welcoming experience, attendees choose to participate in a physical event at their own risk. This page outlines our requirements for attendees; the measures we are taking to ensure your safety and deliver a memorable and enjoyable conference; and our Covid cancellation policy.

BoS Conf USA 2022 Requirements for Attendees

  • Attendees confirm they will have a current and valid Covid vaccination at the time of attending the event unless medically exempt.
  • We require our attendees to follow all Covid 19 laws and regulations and where appropriate any relevant guidance, including but not limited to, wearing a mask at our event and on public transport to attend our event, keeping the appropriate distance from other attendees, washing hands regularly.
  • Attendees from outside the US will comply with government requirements at time of entry into the United States.

BoS Conf USA 2022 – Venue and Capacity Measures

  • BoS Conf USA 2022 will take place in a space that can accommodate 350 attendees and the overall venue capacity is higher. Current regulations allow this space to be used at full capacity.
  • The auditorium seating will not have assigned attendee places, but there will be designated areas where social distancing is enforced. You will be asked on registration what your preference is and the capacity of the auditorium and seating zones will be planned to accommodate your stated preference.
  • We will comply with Covid 19 laws and regulations in relation to the health and safety of attendees at our event.
  • We will communicate all relevant changes to local restrictions and guidelines to attendees prior to the event.

Masks and Medical Guidelines

  • Masks are no longer mandated in indoor settings, the Boston Public Health Commission recommends wearing masks if you are at high risk for severe illness or will be around individuals who are.
  • We encourage the wearing of masks when not eating, drinking or speaking on stage.
  • Masks are available at the Seaport Front Desk for guests.

Venue Measures

Sanitization and Hand Washing

  • The venue, Seaport Hotel Boston, has made provision for sanitisation and hand-washing stations throughout the venue.
  • Attendees will be encouraged to wash and sanitise hands frequently.
  • Toilets and washrooms will be checked and cleaned regularly during the event by the venue.
  • Hospital-grade UVc lighting has been installed in Seaport air ducts to purify the air
  • Seaport’s enhanced cleaning schedule remains in place.  This includes all public areas including doorknobs, door frames, handles & railings, elevators and other common touch points every hour.

Social Distancing

  • We know not everyone is ready for full human contact (and some of us weren’t big fans before Covid came along).
  • In 2022, attendees will be asked to indicate social distancing preferences. This will be indicated on your attendee credentials so it is easily visible to others and will also help us plan the event.

You can choose from:

  • Please keep your distance when standing or sitting. No physical contact.
  • Happy to stand/sit in close proximity but prefer not to shake hands
  • Happy to stand/sit in close proximity and shake hands

Outdoor networking and ventilation

Weather permitting, we will be welcoming you outdoors to network, get to know one another and perhaps even learn a new skill.

We’re also working with the venue to ensure ventilation from fresh outside air is used in the venue.

IMPORTANT: Tickets, Refunds, Cancellations


The past couple of years have been difficult for event businesses and the financial risk for in-person events are considerable. Venues are recovering from a collapse in their business during this time and amending their terms and conditions, costs and deposit requirements accordingly. While we of course have public liability insurance, cover for Covid cancellation is expensive, complex, untested and subject to terms that make it effectively meaningless.

Remote Options

BoS Conf USA 2022 is planned as an in-person only event. There will not be a live stream of the conference available for remote participation.

If you do not feel comfortable travelling to a physical conference, we have got your back, we’re running a series of online only one day virtual conferences building on the hugely successful online conferences that have been run throughout 2020 and 2021. Attendance at a single one day virtual event is $495 or a bundle fo three or six are also available at $950 and $1250 respectively.

Cancellation and Transfers

Tickets for BoS Conf USA 2022, the in-person event held 26-28 September 2022, are not refundable should a ticket holder purchase a ticket and subsequently be unable to attend.

Your place can be transferred at no additional charge to a colleague who must satisfy the entry requirements. Should you wish to transfer the place, you should notify us to arrange the transfer.

Attendees who receive a positive Lateral Flow Test in the 24 hours prior to the event, or are subject to travel restrictions at the time of the event, should NOT ATTEND the event. In this case, you should notify us within 24 hours. Your ticket will be converted into attendance at three virtual one day conferences of your choice in the next 12 month period.

If it is not possible to run an in-person event, there will be an online event run on the same dates. Ticket holders will be able to attend this event and will also be offered a place at an additional one day BoS Conf Online of your choice in the next 12 month period.

By purchasing tickets to attend BoS Conf USA 2022, you acknowledge and accept these terms.

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