A message from 2022 Supporter Quiet Light

Following their first in-person conference, Business of Software In-Person Europe Conference on 4-5 April 2022, the lovely people at Quiet Light have a few words to share with our community:

Dear BoS fans,

We hope you enjoyed the Business of Software conference. 

While it’s customary to send you all home with new additions for your ever growing branded swag collections, the truth is those items are most likely to either gather dust or end up in a landfill. Why settle for those outcomes when we can make a real impact instead?

In lieu of a piece of swag, Quiet Light has made a donation to the Kyiv School of Economics in the name of the BoS Cambridge attendees. Their contribution will support humanitarian efforts for those currently affected by the war in Ukraine. Our mission is to ensure all entrepreneurs and business owners have the tools they need to achieve their goals, and right now those tools are food supplies, transportation, first aid, medicines, and protective kits.

To learn more about the efforts of the Kyiv School of Economics relief fund and how you can support their efforts, visit their website here.


Quiet Light team

About Quiet Light

Quiet Light is your trusted M&A partner for preparing to sell your SaaS business for six, seven, or eight figures. At BoS, we’ve been consistently impressed by Quiet Light’s thoughtful approach. Their initial focus is on understanding the personal goals of the entrepreneurs they work with rather than railroading them into a quick sale that maximizes transaction fee at the expense of creating long term value for the entrepreneur.

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