New Business of Software 2022 conference speakers announced

For everyone who has stood at a bus stop in the pouring rain – you will know the feeling of waiting for what feels like forever for three to then arrive all at once.

Why am I rambling about buses in poor weather? Because hot on the heels of our last announcement of new speakers for 2022, we have even more to share with you!

Schedule Online March 9

You can also see the schedule for our Online Conf on 9 March right here.

Rosemary Francis

In-Person Europe 4-5 April 2022
Success is What You Make, Not What You Raise

Rosemary will share some powerful lessons she has learned in founding, building and ultimately selling her company, Ellexus, over more than 10 years. She will discuss her approach to bootstrapping and how essential it can be to retain control of your business.

Stephanie Hare

Online 9 March 2022
Technology is Not Neutral

How do we develop strategies for good? Stephanie will draw on her experience as a technologist, political risk analyst and historian to discuss the ideas in her new book, ‘Technology is Not Neutral – A Short Guide to Technology Ethics’

Tessa Clarke

In-Person Europe 4-5 April 2022
On a Mission the Change the World

Tessa will discuss some of the lessons she has learned in creating and building a tech company that combines a worthy goal, contributing to making the world more sustainable, with a successful, sustainable and rapidly growing business.

Claire Suellentrop

Online 9 March 2022
Founder Identity and Exits

In this talk, Claire will explain why this doesn’t work and offer you some straightforward pointers to help you use JTBD – a framework to help you understand what your customers want to achieve – to write in a way that resonates with your ideal customers.

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