Marketing at Balsamiq – the Exception the Proves the Rule

Marketing at Balsamiq is different.

Accepted wisdom for SaaS marketing is simple. You identify your North Star Metric and marketing funnel then build a series of experiments incorporating a range of marketing activities that allow you to monitor and measure the success of your investment over time. Monitor, measure, assess and improve ad infinitum. At the heart of this approach is an understanding that measuring key KPIs that allows you to build a marketing funnel and optimize performance of any activity with a reasonable degree of precision. It works.

Balsamiq Wireframes is different.

If you ask Balsamiq’s founder, Peldi, how many visitors the Balsamiq website has, he would not be able to tell you. Balsamiq have a very different approach. It is an approach that has served them and their global customer base extremely well.

In this podcast episode, I spent some time with Leon Barnard, Balsamiq’s education team lead, to discuss how Balsamiq’s approach to marketing was conceived, why the focus of all their efforts has always been to support the growth and development of product design as a discipline. We talk about Balsamiq’s approach, the impact it has had on the design and product community, the potential disadvantages of their thinking and why they are still proud to be different.

Balsamiq is all about education, that’s not not teaching people how to use the product but how to become better designers.

Leon Barnard, Balsamiq

Balsamiq were a supporter for our recent BoS Conf Online Fall and have been an active advocate of our scholarship program to support attendance at the conference for high potential entrepreneurs.

Online Wireframing Workshop in Action

This year, Balsamiq offered one of our scholarship attendees, Varonique Philander, CEO Founder of Chaya Legal, an online wireframing session to help her with the process of designing and building the core elements of their new website. You can view the session here on the Balsamiq YouTube Channel.

Well worth a look if you want an insight into how to approach one of the trickiest parts of turning an idea into a business.

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