Where do we go from here?

Since the start of 2020, the pandemic has changed how many of us work and live. Suddenly all those face to face meetings and amazing conferences you flew all around the world to attend were forced to become virtual. Teams, Facetime, Zoom and countless other platforms exploded and became the new stomping ground for business and social interaction.

It was exciting. This new way of working, which was in fact, not new at all, gave way for exploring what we really need or want to get out of life.

At BoS Conf Online Spring 21, Jason VandeBoom was asked:

We’ve had this small pandemic for the last two years, and we’re all sitting at our homes. And one of the big existential questions is whether this is a ‘change the world’ situation, and how that’s going to impact both our customers, and how we run our businesses; has it been a nice little hiatus, are we gonna go back to business as normal? How do we go forward from here?

Mark Stevens

Here’s ActiveCampaign’s Founder’s thoughts:

Future of the Workplace

Jason, on the return to the workplace and the move from all remote to something different, “There’s More challenges ahead…”

A sentiment echoed by our ‘return to work‘ survey of attendees that highlights the direction and challenges the workplace of the future will hold – there’s an expectation that hybrid working is the future but much less clarity about how that works best.

Hybrid may end up being the worst of both worlds for many.

Future of Conferences

Conferences have the same challenge. Traditionally physical events became virtual. Virtual conferences need to be designed for the medium. Most aren’t but here’s a great example of one that is.

As life continues on, hybrid events are becoming a thing but we think they will impair attendee experience .

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