BoS Conf Online Fall Supporter: Balsamiq

Our supporters are awesome.

Not only do they help and support the conference and the community, they also help fund our scholarship program to enable awesome people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend, come, take part and get a leg up into the world of software and SaaS. It was Peldi and Balsamiq who first came up with the idea of our scholarship program and Balsamiq have been huge supporters over the years.

Get a scholarship for BoS Conf Online Fall – Quick!

A little about Balsamiq

For many, BoS Conferences and Balsamiq‘s CEO Peldi go together like PB & J (or Spaghetti and meatballs for our Italian friends!) and over the years Peldi has recounted (sometimes with painful honesty) his experience of building a successful SaaS company.

We’re delighted Balsamiq are supporting again at BoS Conf Online Fall 27-29 September. Balsamiq embody our values and what we believe makes software companies great:

  • a unique founder story
  • a successful product
  • and a willingness to share and give back to the community.

Balsamiq’s product — Balsamiq Wireframes — is a simple platform for non-designers to quickly express great product ideas using drag-and-drop pre-made UI elements.

Want to know more about Balsamiq’s story?

Some of the most insightful, funny, and actionable stories about SaaS entrepreneurship on the internet:

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