Curated Content – A low down of news and views from the month of February

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Here are 10 of the most interesting stories we’ve sent out to our community this month.

1.- 💭 Changing your mind is a good thing, it shows you are progressing
Opinions one programer has changed in 6 years of programming. What’s the biggest change in your thinking? // 2 min read

2.- 🌎 If you think the world has experienced a techtonic shift in the past year…
Wait till you see how the world has changed in a billion years. // 40 second view

3.- 🧑🏼‍💻 I’m too busy
It’s easy to get bogged down with work, but a reminder that it’s okay to step back for a moment // 2 min read

4.- 🤦🏻‍♂️ When Zoom meetings go too far
A viral example of what an extraordinary Zoom meeting can look like. // 18 min watch

5.- 💸 The GameStop Fiasco Proves We’re in a ‘Meme Stock’ Bubble
What the new dynamic between Redditors and Wall Street reveals about the stock market in 2021  // 5 min read

6.- 🐐 Farm pivots to rent goats for Zoom meetings.
Guaranteed to butt in on meetings. Should be sponsored by Goat-to-Meeting // 2 minute read

7.- 🔮 The great unbundling and the next 50 years of tech
Ben Evans decks are more thought provoking than Mary Meeker’s IMHO  // 10 minute read

8.- 🚪 Brian and Eric Dosal weren’t the first BoS Speakers to talk about selling their company
See what Eric Sink, Jon Reynolds, and Jason Eckenroth had to say on Exiting in this BoS Playlist // 3 hours of solid gold

9.- #️⃣ Write any number from 1 to 9999 using a single symbol
Cistercian monks invented a numbering system that let you do just that – in the 13th Century… // 1 minute read

10.- 💻 ‘Remote offices’ don’t work
Six insights into the change of office workspaces and remote working etiquette // 5 minute read

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