Bootstrapping to 20 Million Users | Mat Clayton | BoS Europe 2019

Mat Clayton // Mixcloud

Mat Clayton bootstrapped Mixcloud over ten years with a total team of five to build an audio streaming business with 15,000,000 MAUs. Whilst convinced that if Mixcloud had taken early funding, the company took $11.5 million funding from a little known investor in 2018.

In this talk from BoS Europe 2019, Mat shares some of the things that helped him to create such an effective bootstrapped operation and how, after a decade, Mixcloud decided the time was right to find an investor who could bring value beyond cash to take the business forward.

You will leave with ideas you can use to get more from small teams, how you can use data to inform your product development decisions and some of the critical considerations you should consider when the time comes to find an investor that can bring value beyond capital.

Video, Slides, & Sketchnote below




Sketchnote Mat Clayton

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