I’m too busy!

I’m too busy!

We’re all guilty. The world is moving too fast and we all have to deal with customers, employees, family, friends, investors, events, unexpected problems, working from home (a very different thing to remote working), unicorns, smart phones, 24x7x365 availability.

Do you honestly feel you’re in control of your life? If you do and can share the secret, we want to hear from you – please…

Step back for one minute. Think about what you have done in the last week. How much of the stuff you did was really necessary? What made you, your team, your family, your friends, your customers, happier, healthier or wiser?

View from the Seaport, the day after BoS 2019. A moment for quiet contemplation as the sun comes up.

View from the Seaport, the day after BoS 2019. A moment for quiet contemplation as the sun comes up.


It’s easy to lose perspective.

We’ve found over the years that one of the biggest difference we’ve made to Business of Software Conference attendees is being allowed and encouraged to think about the important stuff with other people who are trying to answer the same questions – there’s a few common themes:

  • People come to get away from the grind as they know that working at the coal face day in day out is exhausting, no matter how much they think they enjoy it in the moment.
  • People come to meet other people like them, who care about what they do, to learn from each other and feel part of their tribe.
  • People come for ideas that will potentially transform their business.
  • People come to think, listen, learn and discuss the challenges they face in doing the things they do to the best of their ability.
  • People come to solve problems, find other people and organisations they can do business with.
  • People come to be inspired and to share the highs and lows of life in the software business.
  • People come to think, reset, recharge and then get back to work with renewed vigor.

This year, life is even harder.

  • Some of us are in businesses that have taken off in 2020, some of us are fighting hard to keep going.
  • No matter where you fall on the spectrum, everyone seems to need to do more with less.
  • We’ve designed Business of Software Conference Online, 21-23 September 2020 to help.
  • To be respectful of your time.
  • To be a place where ideas can take root.
  • More important, it’s a place where friendly people will find a warm welcome and other people like you can spend time together in a friendly and energizing environment.

Too busy?

  • Think for a minute…
  • Ask yourself, are you running too fast in the wrong direction?
  • Even if you can’t make BoS, it will be a minute well spent. Perhaps it’s time to sharpen the saw?

Thanks for reading. Good luck and let us know if we can help you.

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