Business of Software Conference USA 2020 will be an Online Event

Business of Software Conference USA 2020 will be an Online Event

Wherever you will be in the world on the 21st-23rd September, you can participate, learn, network and spend quality time with some of the smartest SaaS & software people on the planet. No plane tickets to buy, no hotel rooms to book, and no waiting in a queue for coffee (depending on the size of your family).

We had so much fun at BoS Europe Online back in March, and we learned a lot about what makes a BoS event special.

With that knowledge and experience in the bank, we’re going to make BoS USA Online even better for attendees.

Attendees come to Business of Software Conferences to learn from and share ideas with smart people so that they can build better software and software companies. We remain focused on making sure that by taking part, you will gain:

  • New ideas to¬†grow your business¬†to the next level.
  • Meaningful¬†contacts¬†to help turn those ideas into actions.
  • Lasting connections with¬†high-value¬†people¬†around the world.
  • Actionable¬†insights from world experts, and be able to ask your question directly in the Q&A.
  • All the¬†time¬†you would have spent in taxis, airports, planes, or trains to get to Boston!

BoS talks are renowned for their quality (judge for yourself ‚Äď our library of talks from previous conferences is available¬†here). This year will be no different, though the format will change so that you can absorb the content and participate in the networking and conversations¬†in a new way whilst we can‚Äôt meet at a physical event.

Find out more about BoS USA Online by clicking below:

BoS USA Online 21-23 September

Find out more about BoS USA Online

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