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Business of software Podcast

Talks from BoS USA Online 2020

  • Alex Osterwalder & Tendayi Viki : Designing breakthrough business models with a real business
  • Tiffany Da Silva: Six lessons from a marketing fraud
  • Jason Fried: Launching a new breakout product
  • Rich Mironov: Hiring a Head of Product
  • Radhika Dutt: Iterating less and achieving more
  • Matt Lerner: Metrics that matter
  • April Dunford: Stop selling product, start selling point of view
  • Nandini Jammi: Delete that account! How to stop bad actors using your product
  • Bob Moesta: Demand-side sales 101

Talks from BoS Europe Online 2020

  • Paul Kenny: Building Resilience
  • Eli Montgomery: How to thrive in uncertain situations
  • Natalie Nagele & Peldi Guilizzoni: Remote working
  • Stephen Allott: Scenario planning
  • Rita McGrath: Creating early warning scenarios & thinking about the future
  • Kieran O’Neill: Reflections on leadership, culture, & growth
  • Sally Foote: The stories your customers will tell you (and how to actually listen to them)
  • Bruce McCarthy: Impossible outcomes (and how to achieve them)
  • April Dunford: Positioning jujitsu
  • Jared Spool & Eli Montgomery: Everyone is a designer

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Talks from BoS USA 2019

Talks from BoS Europe 2019

  • Derek Sivers: Mensch Patterns
  • Poppy Gustafsson: Building A Billion Dollar Business – Managing Objectives Against Rapid Growth
  • Dame Stephanie ‘Steve’ Shirley CH: New Ways Of Working – 50 Years Ahead Of Their Time
  • Ruth Everard: The Effort:Experience Ratio
  • John Snyder: Growing Sales In A SaaS Business Across New Territories
  • Francesco D’Alessio: Avoiding The Perennial Problems With Productivity Tools
  • Elpie Bannister & Alex Yang: Finding & Nurturing Top Talent
  • Randy Silver: Here Be Dragons – Product, Discovery, And How Not To Mess Up
  • Amir Salihefendic: Ten Lessons Learned Building Doist
  • Rich Mironov: Software Pricing Demystified
  • Sarah McVittie: Harnessing Culture & Using Data To Build Value For Your Business
  • Gareth Marlow: Cultivating Trust
  • Claire Lew: The Accidental Bad Manager
  • Mat Clayton: Bootstrapping To 20 Million Users
  • Paul Kenny: Developing Sales Talent

Talks from BoS USA 2018

Talks from BoS Europe 2018

Talks from BoS USA 2017

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  1. JTBD Overview
  2. Product Rules (+ When To Break Them)
  3. How To Build Great Company Culture

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