Making A Product Roadmap That Works | Q&A with Rich Mironov

Rich Mironov, Smokejumper Product Executive

Following on from his BoS2018 talk “What to do about your audience’s real roadmap questions“, Rich Mironov joined Mark yesterday to answer questions from all over the world about how to make roadmaps that work.

Your product roadmap is not a model, an algorithm or an artefact, it is an ongoing process that requires careful management of the relevant stakeholders. What do you do when your stakeholders don’t agree? What is the MVR (minimum viable roadmap) for a product company? How do you truly understand customer demand and need? With so many questions posed to Rich, this jam-packed hour of Q&A is full of useful advice and answers for helping you to map out the right roadmap for your company.

See the hangout below

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