Supporter Profile: Bambora

Supporter Profile: Bambora

We’re profiling the companies that are supporting BoS USA. Today, meet Bambora – the customer-focused payment experience company (with a purple giraffe mascot).

Meet the team who will be in Boston…

Since the dawn of e-commerce, Bambora has been on a mission to shape the most customer-focused payment experience. With so many diverse and niche businesses out there, the need for customizable payment solutions has never been stronger. Bambora offers customers a full suite of payment products that are built to scale.

Bambora is responsible for processing one-third of e-commerce transactions in Canada, with 40,000 merchants and counting. A global presence with offices in North America, Europe, and Australia, Bambora is truly your partner in payments.

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You have any payments related questions, whether that is how to expand into new markets, fight fraud, or increase conversions. If you really want to payment geek out, let’s talk about real-time payments or open banking!

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Tristan Kenning
Nicole Stright


Thank you Bambora for your support and presence at Business of Software Conference USA. If you would like to consider supporting the conference and getting in front of some of the smartest people in the software business, contact Ed Grundy.