New Ways of Working | Hangout with Ryan Singer | Thursday 19th July, 12.00 ET

Ryan Singer, Product Strategy, Basecamp

Jason Fried (CEO, Basecamp) gave a fascinating talk at BoS Conference 2016 about how the people at Basecamp work.

As well as making Basecamp, their project management solution, the team at Basecamp are committed to changing the way people work, to help alleviate troublesome work environments and to considering the role software plays in ongoing employee and team interactions.

How are you wasting time at work?

What could you learn from Basecamp?

Join us for a Hangout with Ryan Singer to discuss new ways of working and why Basecamp have moved away from such time-wasting activities as the daily stand up.

Through over 14 years at Basecamp, Ryan has designed features used by millions and invented processes their teams use to design, develop and ship the right things. He started in 2003 designing user interfaces and these days he’s focused on strategy. That means understanding what his customers are trying to do so they can make the product more effective and coherent.

Come and join us and Ryan will talk about how Basecamp as a company:

  • Provides structure around grey areas such as discovering unknowns for software design
  • Eliminate hours of daily and weekly scrum meetings to report on the status of work in play, even if there are hundreds of to-dos to manage
  • Empower employees and engineers to be open about what they don’t know and reporting about their unknowns, what’s figured out and what needs to be solved, which is common for product and web development work.

Bring your questions about how this might make a difference to your business.

Join us for a hangout with Ryan Singer – 12.00 ET, Thursday 19th July.

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